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Save the Date – 2016 NatRoad Conference

The NatRoad Conference 2016 will be held at the Cairns Convention Centre from 17-19 August 2016! Further information including the program, activities and accommodation […]

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RSRT defeated, but is it over?

It’s less than a week since the abolition of the RSRT, following the tireless lobbying efforts of NatRoad and industry associations as a whole, and the TWU has received a commitment that the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal will be reinstated should Labour win the federal election in July.

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Member Services

The National Road Transport Association maintains a range of services for its members with access to our helpline offering assistance in a wide range of truck related areas.

Supplier Benefits

Members have access to the association's supplier network which includes experts in the trucking industry as well as savings on fuel and tyres.

The National Road Transport Association News

The National Road Transport Association's far-reaching networks and heavy involvement in industry issues means that members no longer have to trawl through the mountains of regulatory and industry paperwork, websites and publications.

Government Lobbying

The National Road Transport Association takes a strong position on important issues such as taxation, industry viability, freight rates and road funding. We also lobby State and Local Government on issues affecting truck operators.

Workplace Relations Advice

The National Road Transport Association can provide for all of your workplace relations needs, including professional over the phone advice and implementing workplace procedures and policies.