Regional Trucking Summits: Are you ready for the future?

December 20, 2016



We have now released the dates for the one day 2017 Regional Trucking Summits in Dubbo, Toowoomba, Bairnsdale, Mildura and Perth.

We are entering a major period of transition and the regional trucking summits are a timely opportunity to check the readiness of your road transport business and to hear from industry experts about the changes to come in the next 18 months to 5 years.

For example, the National Transport Commission has taken a look at the future 2040 scenarios for land transport in Australia.

It is an important ‘think piece’ for our governments which need to make investment calls today to make sure the infrastructure and regulation is there for tomorrow.

A growing freight challenge means investing in networked infrastructure – roads, rail and ports –over the next two decades. Governments too, at a national and state level, need to lay the ground work for the regulations and laws that are going to work in a future where greater technology will no doubt be a part of all our road transport operations.

This year alone the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator converted the permit system to an online portal delivering enormous efficiencies for road transport businesses and there is much more to come in this space.

And next year we will transition to a new way of managing the Chain of Responsibility. These  are just some of the reasons to attend a regional trucking summit in 2017.

Register your interest now:

Dubbo – 17 February 2017

Toowoomba – 17 March 2017

Bairnsdale – 7 April 2017

Mildura – 21 April 2017

Perth – 2 June 2017


It makes sense for governments to look to the future, to plan for that future and to make considered investments so that we aren’t playing catch up when a greater freight task is upon us.

Yet planning for the future should be a part of all of our road transport businesses whether we are owner drivers, family run operations, businesses which support road transport or large operators.

A five to ten year plan for your road transport business can help you make better investment decisions and give you a road map for where you and your business are headed and what challenges your business may confront.

An association like NatRoad has a role to play in keeping you informed of the challenges on the horizon and the business implications of regulatory and industrial changes or the introduction of new technology.

And this is the focus of the NatRoad Regional Trucking Summits which will roll out in early 2017.

We believe that strengthening the road transport industry starts at the door of every road transport business.

Yet assessing the businesses challenges and the opportunities can be difficult when there is so much noise, commentary and debate about what should, could and may happen in the road transport sector.

At the NatRoad Regional Trucking Summit you will have the opportunity to hear from experts and successful road transport businesses as well as undertake your own assessment to establish how ready you are for the future in four key areas:

Such as how you are geared to manage the transition to national regulation and to navigate continual industrial changes in the sector (Regulatory and Industrial challenges).

Or your financial readiness to manage economic volatility, make investments and routinely find inefficiencies (Economic & Environmental Factors).

What can be done to build a workforce pipeline, manage health and well-being within the sector as well as understand the demographic shifts that will change supply and demand for goods and therefore road transport services.  (Social & Demographic Changes)

And then understanding truly what technological shifts mean for road transport businesses from investment and training to transiting in electronic work diaries, telematics, automation or the use of applications to book loads.

By attending a Regional Trucking Summit and undertaking an assessment you can also help the industry. We can collectively build a snapshot for government and the industry on how ready we really are to operate in the likely futures for road transport businesses.

Governments and the businesses that rely on a strong road transport sector need this snapshot of our readiness so that we can put in place the kind of supports, grants or training that really will deliver an industry ready for the future.

To register your interest in attending a NatRoad Regional Trucking Summit visit or call 02 6295 3000