Brace yourself as ATO calls for vigilance on fuel tax

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By now, Members will be aware that the halving of fuel excise will be removed from 29 September and the Fuel Tax Credit will be restored.

As NatRoad has warned, fuel prices at the bowser will rise sharply, but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has committed to making sure retailers wait until stock in the supply chain is exhausted before applying the new price.

From an operator perspective, the Australian Tax Office is advising you to be aware of the following:

  • Increased fuel tax credit rates will apply. Eligible businesses must apply the applicable fuel tax credit rate based on the date the fuel was acquired.
  • Eligible businesses that use fuel in heavy vehicles for travelling on public roads can claim fuel tax credits for fuel acquired. They cannot claim between 30 March to 28 September 2022 because the road user charge exceeds the excise duty paid, reducing the fuel tax credit rate to nil
  • The road user charge for liquid fuels will increase to 27.2 cents per litre. This means the fuel tax credit rate for liquid fuels used in heavy vehicles for travelling on public roads will change to 18.8 cents per litre.

For the latest fuel tax credit rates visit

You can watch an archived version of our recent webinar with tax experts Chris Sant and Jordan Lo Rosso here.