COVID-19 Updates

Media Release

Covid Consistency Needed To Avoid Supermarket Shortages

The National Road Transport Association has repeated its warning that inconsistent COVID testing requirements across states and territories are a threat to properly stocked supermarket shelves. “Movin...

Wage Calculation

Urgent Toll Reform Needed As Daily Cost Outstrips Driver’s Wage

NSW must show national leadership and reform its road tolling system for heavy vehicles with the revelation that Sydney tolls are outstripping the cost of driver wages.

NatRoad Makes a Clear Call On Speed Camera Signage

NatRoad has sent a message to the NSW Government about mobile speed camera warning signs – and all it’s about clarity.

NSW Border Controls Out of Control

Changes to NSW border conditions for freight taking effect will create red-tape nightmare.

Fix Width Regulation for Greener, Safer, More Productive Trucks

Australia’s move to a safer, greener and more productive heavy vehicle future is being hampered by national limits restricting trucks to 2.5 metres in width that are out of step with most of the rest ...

National Cabinet Needs To Act On Border Confusion

The National Road Transport Association has renewed its call for sensible and consistent border crossing rules ahead of this afternoon’s National Cabinet meeting. NatRoad members have flooded their na...

North-South Corridor Greenlight Good News for SA Truckies

The South Australian Government is right to crow about its hefty allocation for road infrastructure in its 2021-22 Budget.

NatRoad Greets Ongoing NSW Road Budget Commitment

The New South Wales Government’s focus on making the State’s roads safer and more efficient in its 2021-22 Budget deserves a solid tick.

Payment of Invoices

Wage Increase A Hit To Small Business

NatRoad believes that the decision of the Fair Work Commission relating to the Annual Wage Review 2020-21 has gone too far.

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