COVID-19 Updates

Legislation and road rules

Victorian Businesses Now Have a ‘General Environmental Duty’

The next time a quantity of diesel or oil is split at your Victorian premises your response will in part be governed by a new ‘environmental duty’.

New notice delivers smarter, more productive road train transport

A new notice for road train prime movers will ease pressure on the road network, improve fatigue management and increase the efficiency of Australia’s heavy vehicle fleet. The National Road Train Prim...

Reduction in Speed Limits for Safer Level Crossings

Transport for NSW has announced that speed limits have been reduced from 100 km/h to 80 km/h at level crossings controlled by boom gates and flashing lights to lower the risk of collisions.

Truck on bridge

QLD Bridge and Culvert Restrictions Updated

The engineers at the Heavy Vehicles Unit of the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads are continuously monitoring, assessing and reviewing structures throughout the state. As a result, there have...


Delivery Curfews Should Be Permanently Removed

Delivery curfews, that were temporarily lifted during the pandemic to assist with increased demand in the retail sector, are now at risk of being reinstated in NSW. Transport for NSW is currently cond...

City transport

Update on National Transport Commission Reforms

Infrastructure and transport ministers met on Friday 20 November and agreed to progress a number of key National Transport Commission (NTC) led reforms. These include: Changes to the Australian Road R...

Fuel tank

Electric Vehicle Tax: Paying for Road Use

Both South Australia and Victoria will introduce an electric vehicle tax to offset reduced revenue from fuel excise. As electric and low emission vehicles reduce the revenue collected from fuel excise...

Loading and Unloading

Fair Work Commission Confirms Award Meaning of Loading and Unloading

Often there is confusion amongst drivers and employers over exactly what ‘loading and unloading’ entails when it relates to payment of the award based allowance. Now, due to a recent case brought to t...

Oversize Truck

OSOM Bridge and Culvert Restrictions Update

There have been changes to the Class 1 oversize and overmass load carrying vehicle bridge and culvert restrictions map from the QLD TMR Heavy Vehicles Unit. View the interactive map for the latest Cla...