COVID-19 Updates

Workplace relations and policies

Check Your Casual Employees’ Rights to Convert to Permanent Employment

Currently NatRoad is involved in Fair Work Commission proceedings involving casual employment under the modern transport awards. We are assisting the Commission in its task to ensure modern awards ref...

Updated QLD Freight Protocol, crossing the QLD/NSW border and new testing site at Goondiwindi

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation across state borders, the QLD Freight Protocol has been updated with changes for freight and logistics operators who are Queensland residents or New South ...

Keeping Our Supply Chains Open

The COVID pandemic continues to disrupt our way of life in so many ways. The Road Transport Industry has been able to maintain its supply chains throughout these adversities and keep our communities s...

Employee Behaviour in the Spotlight

The exposure of the toxic workplace culture in Australia’s Parliament has brought attention to the importance of policies that address employee behaviour and related training.

Swearing in workplace

What The…Heck? Swearing in the Workplace

NatRoad has recently represented a member in unfair dismissal proceedings where an employee was dismissed for serious misconduct after the employee directed a tirade of abuse to another employee. That...

Privacy Policy

What you can and can’t say to staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has issued some valuable privacy advice for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance is intended to help businesses regulated b...

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