Changes to NHVAS Rules


Read time: 1 min

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) recently announced changes to their National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). The changes are the result of a review and consultation conducted over the past two year, including with NatRoad, where we expressed concerns that the cost of the changes on individual operators were not assessed.

The main changes being implement are:

  • Assessment criteria for an NHVAS applicant to be deemed as Fit and Proper to participate in the scheme.
  • Introduction of a minimum six-month timeframe to reapply after an accreditation has been refused or cancelled.
  • Owners of subcontractor vehicles having the right to remove vehicles from accreditation.
  • Advanced Fatigue Management Business Rules and Standards no longer being standalone; a harmonised set of Business Rules and Standards used for all modules.
  • Vehicles being declared “safe” instead of needing to be “roadworthy” after the maintenance daily check.
  • Tow couplings needing to be checked daily.ehicles requiring inspection by a qualified person annually.
  • The need to keep a register of HVNL-related infringements and defects.
  • Vehicles nominated for Mass Management requiring loaded mass verification at least twice per year.
  • Ensuring the vehicle as a workplace meets with workplace safety legislation.
  • Vehicle statement of compliance no longer required to be carried in the vehicle.

For full information on the new rules, please visit the NHVR website.

NatRoad has asked the NHVR to present a webinar on this subject where NatRoad members can ask questions about the changes. A time and date for the webinar will be published shortly.