The law around the use and operation of heavy vehicles in Australia is both complex and vast. If you like being buried in paperwork, you may delight in knowing that there are literally thousands of pages of legislation and regulations covering the heavy vehicle industry. If you don’t, and you need help, NatRoad can be your navigator. Most jurisdictions, apart from Western Australia and the Northern Territory, are covered by the national heavy vehicle legislation which makes things a little easier for operators. Even so, trying to navigate your way through the applicable law can be very time consuming and difficult. That’s where NatRoad comes in. 

Whatever your regulatory or compliance issue – whether you want to know where to buy a work diary or the rules around them, or what permissions and licences you need to carry perfume from Perth to Pymble or dynamite from Darwin to Dandenong – we can assist. If you need information on breaking seals on loads, uniform speed regulation, steer axle weights, or the practical application of the chain of responsibility and work health and safety laws, we are here to help. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we will research the issue and get back to you in as soon as possible.

If you get a penalty infringement notice because you haven’t filled in your work diary correctly, or because you accidentally left it behind or lost it, or if you get pinned for some other offence, we may either advocate on your behalf or put you in touch with people who can. We can also help identify avenues of review if there are any.

So, whether you are an employer, or owner driver and need some compliance advice, you can find out more about this free service by contacting us by email on or call us on 02 6295 3000.

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