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Contract Management: Do you have a written contract in place?

Signing a contract

Not having a written contract in place is a very risky way of conducting business. Operating on a ‘handshake and hope’ basis does not assist with contract certainty and disputes, particularly as many customers are making different demands for proof of delivery and loading/unloading practices during Covid.

NatRoad highly recommends that members have a written contract in place and do not rely on verbal contracts. A written contract ensures that the terms and conditions of your transport task are certain and that there is a dispute resolution method set out when things fall apart.

NatRoad helps members put in place written contracts on a fee-for-service basis.  We also assist in helping members understand the contracts that are presented to them by hirers or clients, often on a “take it or leave it basis”. We also help members where there are disputes under contracts, often helping members refer these issues to external lawyers.

Getting contracts in writing has become more important in Victoria where there are now financial penalties for failure to provide an owner-driver with the Victorian Owner Drivers’ Information Booklet, the applicable rates and cost schedule, a written contract and either the minimum period of notice of termination or payment in lieu of notice.

Get NatRoad to assess your contract before you sign, and don’t let it be the paperwork on the bottom of the drawer until something goes wrong.

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Contract Management

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