COVID-19 in Australia: Truck delivery curfews dumped in a bid to help to restock supermarkets

Truck at Warehouse

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Supermarkets in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD will be able to restock overnight after local government supermarket curfews have been temporarily dropped due to the coronavirus.

National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) CEO Warren Clark has congratulated all of the State governments for making this move.

“We welcome this change in curfew arrangements as it will help alleviate the stresses we are currently experiencing in the supply chain from panic buying.”

“Our industry members continue to serve the community through fire, floods and now fever. The new  laws enable them to deliver much needed supplies to supermarkets without time restrictions.”

“Natroad is committed to monitoring the situation as it impacts on our industry members and advocate for change where appropriate. We need to remain agile and adopt appropriate reforms during this period of uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic continues.  The viability of road  transport operations is critical so that essential deliveries can continue.”

“Reduction of transport operators’ fixed costs must be targeted: temporarily halting toll costs,  suspending the fuel‐based road user charge or large state-based registration charges are measures  which would assist, especially smaller operators to weather the virus‐induced economic storm.”