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Cummins X15: Powering an Ever-Changing World

The new X15 Efficiency Series and Performance Series from Cummins has proven to be reliable and powerful. The Efficiency Series has delivered outstanding fuel efficiency.

Enhanced drivability and reliability of the powertrain has been exceptional. Dennis Roohan, Group General Manager at AJM Transport says “We have done in excess of 1.9 million kms with some in heavy-duty applications in hot and dirty environments and they have performed week in, week out.”

Efficiency Series:

  • Fuel economy gains
  • Expert engine spec’ing and integration for industry-leading uptime and TCO

Performance Series:

  • Key hardware additions for maximum performance
  • Peak torque available at 900 rpm

Cummins designs, manufactures, distributes and services a broad portfolio of reliable, clean power solutions; including diesel, natural gas, hybrid, electric and other alternative solutions. Cummins is a proud foundation partner of NatRoad

Call the Cummins team today on 1300 286 646 to talk about their X15 Efficiency Series and Performance series.

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