Don’t fall into the underpayment trap

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Successfully navigating the maze of employment payment conditions is good management. Mistakes cost money and nobody wants to be an underpayer.

NatRoad will show you how to avoid payroll mistakes in a webinar at 11am (AEST) on 13 September.

Misinterpreting award clauses is a surprisingly common error. Our webinar will guide you through that as well as showing how to avoid paying costly penalties on penalties, how to correctly apply Loading and Unloading Pay and Allowances, and what Superannuation is payable on Allowances.

If you do make an error with wages or entitlements, you’ll hear how to deal with employees and the Fair Work Ombudsman. It’s information you can’t afford to be without and you can register here.

You’ll find past webinar recordings and future webinar options here.