Don’t let your .au domain be snapped up

Read time: 1 min

If your business has an online presence (such as a website or email address), you may know there’s a new category of domain name launching, to be known as .au direct.

These shorter, simpler domain names ending in ‘.au’ (e.g. will complement existing namespaces such as ‘’, ‘’ and  ‘’.

If your business has a domain name ending in, or, you may have priority to register the .au direct equivalent until 20 September 2022. After then, the .au version of an existing domain name will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis

NatRoad recommends you seriously consider taking up the new option. It creates marketing opportunities but may also be exploited by cybercriminals imitating a business address to create fake invoices or fraudulent emails.

The good news is that registering a new .au domain name is relatively cheap. It has a wholesale price of less than $9, so you are advised to shop around with accredited retailers. You can join the priority registration process here.