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How to find the NHVR Gazette Notices you need

Hear from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on how to navigate their website and find the Gazette notices you need to use the correct details about the documents needed to be carried by drivers.

Speaker: Jodie Batten, Policy Advisor, Network Access Policy, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Since joining the NHVR in October 2017, Jodie has facilitated access for heavy vehicle operators across multiple states and territories – first in the permit area, then through her current policy role in the Freight and Supply Chain Productivity Team.

She recently worked with industry associations and road managers to develop the National Road Train Prime Mover Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice 2021, providing greater network access to road train prime movers operating in non-road-train combinations across five states and territories.

Jodie brought to the NHVR hands-on knowledge of heavy vehicle operations and compliance, having previously worked for a bulk liquids road transport operator. She also held policy and customer support roles at New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services. This experience has proved invaluable in understanding the needs of and building effective relationships with the NHVR’s diverse range of stakeholders.

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This webinar is sponsored by NatRoad’s platinum partner, Bridgestone. 


  • Jodi Batten, Policy Adviser, Network Access Policy, NHVR

Event Schedule Details

  • 22 September, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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