Federal stimulus package focus on road maintenance

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The road transport industry strongly encourages fast-acting federal government initiatives to prevent a further industry slow-down as signs of a global downturn strengthen.

The federal government’s economic stimulus can have immediate positive effects if directed towards road maintenance spending on the national highway network as well as State, Territory and local roads, said NT Road Transport Association President, Michael Swart.

Infrastructure Australia identified a number of factors that have created a road maintenance backlog across all jurisdictions which is jeopardising road safety as well as impacting the road transport industry’s productivity as roads become more degraded.

CEO of NatRoad, Warren Clark said now is the perfect time to act and fix some of our aging roads.

“Many of our public roads are aging and decrepit having a direct impact on the efficiency of the transport industry on a daily basis.”

Australia’s publicly owned road network is a strategic asset, vital to our security, lifestyle and livelihoods.  The road transport industry requires efficient and operational freight corridors to enhance the sustainability of the industry and better serve the community.  Directing economic stimulus monies to essential road maintenance is a win for all Australians and will achieve flow on effects to local communities.

The transport and logistics industry employs more than half a million people and provides delivery of vital goods and services throughout Australia via road transportation. It is important the federal Government has in place effective policies that permit the efficient operation of an industry that plays an important role in every sector of the economy.

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