Freeze on heavy vehicle registration increase

Truck on road

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Positive news for the transport industry, NatRoad welcomes the Transport and Infrastructure Council’s, decision to freeze truck and bus registration charges.

The decision was made at a meeting this week with the transport ministers agreeing to freeze heavy vehicle registration charges at their current levels for the year July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

Warren Clark, CEO of the NatRoad said, “This is a welcome development. We were in the process of writing to each State and Territory Minister to ask them to take this step, as the effects of COVID-19 are beginning to bite savagely. Some members are reporting a drop off in work and others who have work are telling us that their margins are being squeezed by developments such as customers pushing out payment times.  Any measures the Government can take at this time to assist to help road transport operators reduce costs are vital for the continued viability of the industry.”

What it means for you?

This decision means the Commonwealth Road User Charge will stay at 25.8 cents per litre for 2020-21, and State and Territory registration fees for heavy vehicles will stay at their current levels. The only exception is where States and Territories decide administration increases are needed. NatRoad continues to urge State governments to carefully consider any such addition as every dollar counts.

Western Australia is also making a separate decision about the issue. It is considering 2020-21 heavy motor vehicle licence fees independently of the Council decision.  Natroad will update members on this matter and hope that WA will join the other States and Territories in not increasing charges.

The welcomed decision follows the Australian Government’s announcement last week that its tax on truck fuel would be frozen at 25.8 cents per litre for 2020/21.