Fuel Tax Credit Update

Read time: 1 min

By now you will be aware that a group of industry bodies that includes NatRoad has written to the Coalition  calling for the restoration of the Fuel Tax Credit.

The Morrison Government announced changes to fuel tax on Budget night in March, halving fuel excise at the bowser by 22.1c per litre for motorists but effectively giving heavy vehicle operators only 4.3c a litre by zeroing out the Fuel Tax Credit.

NatRoad went public the next day and took up the issue with the offices of the Transport Minister and the Treasurer. We were still pushing for a reversal as the Government went into caretaker mode.

From discussions with politicians on both sides of the divide it is clear that many were caught unawares by the announcement.

This is a critical issue for our industry that is already hitting some members hard.

As well as supporting the industry approach, NatRoad has written to both major parties seeking a commitment to restoring the Fuel Tax Credit.