Get Ready For Harvest Season

Harvest Truck

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Harvest season is just around the corner and, in a welcome relief from years of drought, it is predicted to produce a bumper crop.

In preparation for the season Transport for NSW has implemented some measures to support delivery of the harvest such as less red tape for vehicle permits, investing in regional infrastructure, and extending the Grain Harvest Management Scheme through 2021 which allows exemptions to exceed regulated total mass limits by up to 5% when delivering certain grains.

Make sure you are ready for harvest season with these safety tips:

  1. Truck maintenance: ensure your vehicle meets the safety standards set out in the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual
  2. Vehicle mass, dimensions, and load: secure your load properly and ensure you follow mass and dimensions guidelines
  3. Driver fatigue: know the signs and dangers of driver fatigue
  4. Speed: have realistic schedules, stick to speed limits, and know the risks involved with speeding

If you would like to know more about the Grain Harvest Management Scheme our advisors are available to clarify any questions you have and provide the right advice for your business and workforce. Contact David at [email protected] or Richard at [email protected], or on (02) 6295 3000