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Gregory Development Road | Miclere Creek Bridge replacement | Change to access conditions

From Monday 25 July 2022 to Wednesday 31 May 2023, temporary access conditions and speed reductions will be in place across Miclere Creek (33 km north of Clermont), to allow for bridge replacement works.

Access across the creek will be via a side track, 35m to the east of the existing bridge. Access is limited to a maximum ground contact width of 5.0 m through the side-track.

Thank you for your patience during this time

It is your responsibility to make sure you’re using up-to-date information when you assess the suitability of your route.

You must check the Conditions of Operation Database before you start your journey.

Visit the QLDTraffic website, download the app or call 13 19 40 to report an incident or get real-time traffic reports

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