Have you been outed by the Fair Work Commission?

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NatRoad has warned Members that they will come in for scrutiny if they have an expired workplace agreement on their books and the Fair Work Commission has fired the first shot.

Last week the Fair Work Commission (FWC) made public a list of 100,000 small businesses with so-called “zombie agreements” which have expired.

Under the Federal Government’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill, all workplace agreements established before January 1, 2010 will cease to operate on December 7 this year.

Businesses with zombie agreements have until June 6, 2023 to provide a written alert to any covered employees and may face compliance action or civil penalties levelled by the FWC.

There is also the very real prospect that operators with zombie agreements will be “roped in” to bargaining processes that started in other workplaces.

The first of what will be many FWC lists is here.  If your company name is there, contact an NatRoad adviser to be briefed about your options.