How to Report Road Issues Quickly and Effectively: Part 1: NSW, Vic & Qld

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Truck Drivers know the importance of safe and well-maintained roads for smooth and efficient transportation. With the ongoing wet weather in many parts of Australia, roads can develop potholes and other damages, posing risks to drivers and their vehicles. Here’s how you can report road issues in to ensure timely repairs and maintenance:

New South Wales (NSW) – 131 700

Step 1: Call the NSW Incident Reporting Line

If you encounter any road-related issues such as traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, road hazards like potholes or flooding, or traffic flow incidents, immediately call the NSW Incident Reporting Line at 131 700. The line operates 24/7, so you can report issues at any time. If you suspect someone has been injured in an accident, immediately call 000 for emergency assistance.

Step 2: Provide Detailed Information

When reporting road issues, be sure to provide as much information as possible to help authorities assess and address the problem. Key details to include are:

  • Location of the pothole or damage: Provide the exact location of the issue, including the road name, suburb, and any nearby landmarks or mile markers, if available.
  • Description of the issue or damage: Clearly describe the nature and extent of the problem, whether it’s a pothole, flooding, or other damage.
  • Date you became aware of the damage: Note down when you first noticed the road issue, as it helps authorities gauge the urgency of the situation.
  • Photo of the damage: If possible, take a photo of the road issue to provide visual evidence. This can aid in accurately assessing the severity of the problem.
  • Contact details: Include your name and contact information if you require a response from the authorities.

Step 3: Local Government Councils’ Role

In NSW, the State Government is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of highways. However, you can report road damage on any road, and the call centre will forward the information to the relevant Local Government Council for assessment and action.

Queensland (Qld) – 13 19 40

Call the State-wide Traffic Management Centre on 13 19 40 to report a road incident, hazard, pothole or signal fault. You can also use this number to ask for help if you’ve been involved in a minor traffic incident or breakdown on a major Queensland Road. The line operates 24/7, so you can report issues at any time.

You can also report any issue online at any time by clicking this link:

Department of Transport and Main Roads – Contact us online

Damage to Local Government Council Roads

If you want to check who is responsible for repairs to a specific road in Queensland, use the Road Lookup service to confirm who owns the road to ensure your enquiry is directed to the correct government agency. Alternatively, call the Traffic Management Centre on 13 19 40 who will also be able to advise you of who owns the road, to allow you to contact them directly.

Victoria (Vic) – 13 11 70

VicRoads Transport Operations Centre (TOC) operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to deliver real-time traffic management to Victoria. Responding to incidents and events that may affect traffic safety or flow. These can include:

  • traffic light faults
  • breakdowns on major arterials or freeways
  • vehicle crashes
  • debris and spills
  • hazards reported by the public
  • natural disasters such as fires or floods
  • major sporting and social events.

For all urgent on-road hazards, traffic light faults, vehicle crashes affecting travel flow, on-road debris, large potholes or equipment damage to the Transport Operations Centre, 24 hours a day, call 13 11 70.
For road issues that do not present an immediate danger, such as faded line markings, small potholes or fallen signage, you can also report any issue online at any time by clicking this link:
Vic Roads – Report a road issue

Local Government Council Roads

Report damage to the relevant Local Government Council directly or call the Traffic Management Centre on 13 19 40 who will also be able to advise you of who owns the road and provide you with contact details to contact them directly.

*      Part 2 of How to Report Road Issues for SA, WA, NT, ACT and Tas will be in the NatRoad Members Newsletter of 10 May 2023.

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Your safety and the condition of the roads you drive on are of utmost importance. If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact a NatRoad Advisor today.