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NatRoad and NHVR "Don’t #uck With A Truck" Campaign

“Don’t #uck With A Truck” – New Safety Campaign To Educate Young Drivers

NatRoad is committed to improving road safety, and we are seeking the support from our members to get behind the NHVR’s new road safety awareness campaign titled “Don’t #uck With A Truck” targeting Learner (L) or Provisional (P) licence holders.

The “Don’t #uck! With A Truck” campaign has been developed to lower the road toll by raising awareness and changing behaviour of young light vehicle drivers on Australian roads. The campaign is intentionally provocative and is designed to grab the target audience’s attention and start important conversations around road safety.

At NatRoad we are serious about safety and for the P-plate drivers in the NatRoad family who are participating in our campaign, the below is how it works:

  1. Find below the links to all attachments and videos for the campaign content.
          1. The 90 second video
          2. Tags to the campaign pages
              1. Facebook – @dontmuckwithatruck
              2. Instagram – dontmuckwithatruck
              3. Hashtags – #NatRoad #dontmuckwithatruck
              4. Campaign Image
  1. This campaign runs between 1st and 28th of February 2022. NatRoad reserves the right to end the campaign at any time and will advise our members and participants at that time.
  2. Participating p-platers express their support for the campaign by sharing the campaign content on their social media platforms by:
      1. Linking to images and video of NHVR’s campaign
      2. Hashtag NatRoad and NHVR in all posts
      3. Using the below suggested copy and adding a campaign image
          1. Check out this new road safety campaign @DontMuckWithATruck to educate young people, particularly L and P Platers, about how to drive safely around trucks. Visit their website for more information:
          2. Unsure what to do when a truck is turning, stopping or you want to overtake? Watch to find out and remember… @DontMuckWithATruck
          3. Learn how to drive safely around trucks with the new campaign @DontMuckWithATruck
  3. Proof of posting and results of any shared content needs to be sent to NatRoad via email to [email protected] with screen shots of posts and with engagement stats clearly visible.
  4. You can post as many times as you like (limited to the first 400 posts for the campaign) and each post on each platform is counted as a post.
  5. At the conclusion of the campaign, NatRoad will collate all results of the engagement on each of the posts.

Unfortunately, young drivers are at a high risk of being impacted by road accidents resulting in injury or death involving a heavy vehicle. Drivers aged between 16 to 25 years, make up 12% of our road users but are also represented in 19% of truck / heavy vehicle related accidents.

Let’s get behind this important campaign and do what we can to change dangerous behaviours on our roads.

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