Workplace Relations

Did you know that as part of your membership you are able to contact us and we can provide you advice on a range of workplace matters including awards and general conditions of employment, recruitment, pay rates, termination and even how to implement workplace policies and procedures.

With the ever shifting industry and human resource management information environment, this gives our members a distinct advantage as you don’t have to be up‐to‐date with the changes because we are.

With an initial free consultation, followed by an agreed fixed fee for service, members can also access workplace relations advice on more complex situations that may require representation, drafting and business health check services such as:

Human Resource Management – Company Policies & Procedures

Enterprise Bargaining Agreements – Common Law Employment Contracts for senior staff

Unfair Dismissals – Termination of Employment

Workers Compensation

Union Negotiations & Industrial Relations Representation

Process of Managing Redundancies

Members are also able access a range of current Workplace Relations resources and industry articles by logging into the Members Area on this website.

So, whether you are an employer, or owner driver, and need some Workplace Relations advice you can find out more about this free service by contacting us by email on  or call us on 02 6295 3000.


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