Kanofski Report points the way forward

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The Kanofski Report into the Heavy Vehicle National Law reform process is public and available here. It’s worth emphasising NatRoad’s position.

While some in our industry wanted to take the reform process back to square one, NatRoad went to last month’s meeting of Australian transport ministers with the view that some reform was better than none.

Most of the Kanofski recommendations are focused on practical changes that can be  achieved in the near term.

NatRoad believes improving access for heavy vehicle (and thus boosting national productivity) while reforming fatigue and enforcement are priorities.

We like the idea of a national approach to access, using technology to map road freight routes and make access pre-approved for specific classes of heavy vehicles.

We also want petty penalties abolished and replaced by a system of warnings where punishment is in proportion to risk.

We were pleased that the Ministers took a similar view and hope that their referral of the recommendations to state and territory bureaucracies for advice on how to take things forward won’t be slowed by red tape.