Lay-up cover for motor vehicles as a result of the COVID-19


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Australia is currently going through an unprecedented period with respect to the Coronavirus and we wish all Natroad Members and their families the best of luck during these trying times.

AEI have been in discussions with the various heavy vehicle insurers on behalf of the NatRoad members to establish what options would be available for any business that may need to lay-up trucks during this period.

All insurers have confirmed that they are working on options to offer lay-up cover to those clients that may need it, which is a pleasing sign.  Full details of how this will work should be available soon will most likely differ between insurers.

Lay up cover will maintain your cover at a reduced premium for the period of time you know you won’t be using your motor vehicles due to the COVID-19.

AEI recommends that members that need to take advantage of this offer from the Insurers, reach out to their Brokers and discuss their own individual circumstances and also be mindful of the conditions with respect to the level of cover while laid up and also ensuring that they advise the Insurer prior to the vehicles going back on the road.

Alternatively, if there are any members that need assistance with this, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at AEI.

For more information call  02 8913 1600 or email [email protected]