M8 Sydney to open soon

M8 Road

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The M8 will open in the coming days, providing a new connection between Beverly Hills and St Peters, doubling the capacity of the existing M5 East corridor, see route map below.  Using the motorway will reduce the journey between Liverpool and South Sydney by up to half an hour, providing a safe, efficient and reliable option to reduce travel times.

With two lanes in each direction, the 9km twin tunnels have been built with capacity for a future third lane and provide better connections to the airport and Port Botany. The St Peters Interchange provides direct access to Gardeners Road, Mascot and Euston Road, Alexandria.

The M8 tunnels have a 5.1m clearance height, 0.5m higher than the existing M5 East tunnel. They also have a flatter gradient, allowing for more consistent travel speed and providing a more fuel efficient journey. As a heavy vehicle operator, you’ll benefit from:

  • An improved and more direct route to Port Botany on the M5 corridor for trucks up to 4.6m in height. Heavy vehicles are currently required to travel via a longer route through suburban streets.
  • Additional higher mass limit alternatives to access Port Botany from the south and north. There are currently higher mass limit restrictions on some of the routes to Port Botany
  • Reduced traffic on the M5 East, with an anticipated halving of existing travel times on this route
  • Travel times of around 10 minutes between Kingsgrove and St Peters, using the M8 tunnels.

Changes to tolling

Distanced based tolls will apply to both the M8 and M5 East when the M8 opens. Electronic tolling will allow users to pay only for the section of motorway they use. One way tolls for heavy vehicles will range from $9.12 to the maximum of $20.86 on the M8.

Visit the toll calculator to help plan your journey.

Dangerous goods

Vehicles carrying dangerous goods can not use tunnels in NSW, including the M8 and M5 East tunnels. Drivers of dangerous goods vehicles must continue to exit at King Georges Road or Bexley Road in an eastbound direction or Foreshore Road going westbound.

Further information around driving in major tunnels, can be found here.

For more information

Visit the new interactive portal at www.westconnexm8.com.au to take a virtual tour of the new tunnels and plan your journey. For the latest conditions on the road network, visit livetraffic.com.