Our board is made up of individuals who run transport businesses, and our members range from owner-drivers to road freight and large fleet operators. 

Scott Davidson - President

Scott Davidson is the owner of QMC Logistics, a leading refrigerated carrier. QMC specialise in the transport of time-sensitive perishable foods across Australia. Scott has been a Director of NatRoad since 2014, and has taken a key role in the engagement and development of the Association’s corporate partnerships.

Alan Magill – Treasurer

Starting in the local region of Parkes NSW, Alan has been involved in the family-owned farming business for over 20 years and he has grown the business to its current standing operating on a daily basis mainly through the eastern states of Australia. Alan has a strong involvement in NSW transport forums that cover issues such as regulations and reforms. He has been a NatRoad member since 1996, and a NatRoad Board member since 2012.

Leslie “Leckie” Milne

Leckie is currently the director of two Shepparton based companies, operating heavy duty haulage vehicles locally and interstate and has been involved in the transport industry since the young age of 16. Leckie has been a member of Natroad since 1988 and NatRoad Board member since 2011.

Michael Kennedy

Michael has been directly involved in the road freight transport industry spanning 30 years with experience in all facets of the road transport industry, specialising in express line haul. He is the founder and Managing Director of Tantusk Pty Ltd. He has been a NatRoad member since 1996 and a NatRoad Board member since 2005.

Michael Murrell

Michael is a Director of Murrell Freight Services Pty Ltd - a family owned and operated business located in Port Kembla NSW. Murrell Freight Services has been a member of NatRoad since 2012 and Michael has been a NatRoad Board member since 2014.

Kellie Boland

Kellie has 25 years direct experience with 30 plus years indirect experience within the transport industry. She started out driving, interstate allocation and finally moving to fleet R & M. Kellie is a fellow director of Boland Transport – a small family business situated in Winton, Victoria specialising in steel cartage. Kelly has been a NatRoad Board member since 2016.

Maggie Welsh 

Maggie has been around in the industry for three decades. Being a former wife of an employee prepared her to become a wife of an owner operator. Being the woman behind the scenes at Welsh Freight Services carrying general, hay and agricultural equipment gives vision to what the industry needs. Having seen how some could easily take away the life we want to live sparked a desire to step up and be counted.