NatRoad highlights heavy vehicle driver skills development

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The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) today provided the Productivity Commission with evidence that supplements its comprehensive written submissions made in the National Transport Regulatory Reform inquiry.

CEO of NatRoad, Warren Clark said “The main area we discussed with the Productivity Commission was skills development. The topic of skills development is critical as it can help employers move towards higher value-added employment and maximize business performance, especially heavy vehicle safety outcomes. NatRoad is pioneering ways to find new solutions that lessen the labour supply gap in the short term but also future proof the industry for the long haul.

“We currently have difficulty attracting young drivers.  This is partly because occupations in the industry are not considered professional positions; careers such as truck driving are often perceived negatively, hence the growing driver shortage.  NatRoad supports greater recognition of the skills and competence displayed by heavy vehicle drivers.  We also support policies that lead to greater diversity in the industry.

“Skills development must be at the forefront of policies to strengthen the heavy vehicle industry’s productivity,” he concluded.

Warren Clark’s address to the Productivity Commission can be accessed below.