NatRoad Says Court Ruling Underlines Need To Consider Vaccination

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The National Road Transport Association has urged all people working in the supply chain to consider vaccinating against COVID-19 following a landmark judgement in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

Last week the Court ruled the NSW Government’s use of Public Health Orders to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory is legally valid.

The judge in the case said there was no breach of an individual’s freedoms in the way NSW Health Orders are applied because they “do not authorise the involuntary vaccination of anyone.”

The judge found that the differential treatment of people according to their vaccination status is not arbitrary, and that the orders were consistent with the objects of the Public Health Act.

National Road Transport Association CEO Warren Clark says NatRoad supports all members, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

“But the reality is that State and Territory Governments are moving to mandate freedoms for the vaccinated that the unvaccinated will not enjoy.

“Critically for anyone involved in the freight task, these include movement through borders.
“We have fought hard with State and Federal governments for consistent and understandable rules around COVID vaccinations and have had some notable successes.

“But that lobbying has been overtaken by State Premiers requiring vaccinations for inter-state and intra-state travel.

“Now that their power to do so has been upheld by a court, we urge members and their staff to get vaccinated, if they can.

“It’s time for every driver and business to have a COVID Safe Plan in place, which are available free-of-charge to NatRoad members.”