NatRoad Urges Long-Term AdBlue Solution, Asks ACCC To Step Up

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AdBlue stocks along key truck routes have stabilised but concerns remain about pricing and medium-term supplies, the National Road Transport Association said today.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark said while Federal Government efforts to keep the country’s sole manufacturer of Diesel Exhaust Fuel, Incitec Pivot, were welcome, they were always going to be a stop-gap measure.

“We are pleased to see supplies reaching retail but Incitec Pivot has told the markets it has not changed plans to cease manufacturing in December,” NatRoad CEO Warren Clark said.

“The Federal Government is obviously aware of that and has ruled out subsidies to other manufacturers, while continuing attempts to source supplies from markets other than China.

“We said from the outset that the shortage is a global problem but that it also underlines the need for a secure on-shore manufacturing capacity in Australia.

“We are still hearing from members about instances of price gouging in spite of stocks stabilising.

“We urge the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to stay on the case.”