New maps for operators of platform trailers in Victoria

Victoria map

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The Victorian Government has published a platform trailer network that simplifies the approvals process for heavy vehicles transporting components for major projects, wind farms and general construction.

The maps are the first of their kind nationally and provide pre-approved, state-wide access to configurations of trucks with platform trailers with gross weights between 115 and 176 tonnes.

Four pre-approved routes in western Victoria make it simpler for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to issue permits to eligible operators.  NatRoad’s vision for an improved access system is to have pre-approved routes in place wherever possible.

While permits will still be issued to applicants on a single-trip basis, the new routes mean transport operators will no longer need to undertake complex bridge assessments, a process that normally takes between 2 to 4 weeks and cost thousands of dollars.

The four pre-approved networks, for combinations that operate up to 176.0 tonnes gross mass, 6.0 metres high, 6.0 metres wide, and 38 metres long, are:

  • Reference vehicle 1: Prime mover and 6×8 platform trailer combination up to 115.0 tonnes
  • Reference vehicle 2: Prime mover and 8×8 platform trailer combination up to 145.0 tonnes
  • Reference vehicle 3: Prime mover and 2×8 dolly and 7×8 platform trailer combination up to 161.0 tonnes
  • Reference vehicle 4: Prime mover and 2×8 dolly and 8×8 platform trailer combination up to 176.0 tonnes

A key feature of these networks is that all structural conditions can be viewed on each individual map, removing the need for operators to seek a structural assessment.

An Information Sheet has been developed to work alongside these maps and to provide clarity around unladen travel, pilot requirements, travel time restrictions and the general responsibilities that each operator must comply with. You can access a copy of Victoria’s Platform Trailer Network information sheet here.

 Operators should read the information sheet before applying for a permit through the NHVR. 

Roads NOT shown on the maps as approved (green) or approved with conditions (orange) require additional road manager approval for access by a separate permit, except for signed detours.

You can view the Platform Trailers network maps here.