NatRoad Says Tow Truck Law a Burden on the Transport Industry

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) says the New South Wales tow truck legislation is deficient, causing major problems for the road transport industry.

CEO of NatRoad Warren Clark said, “On 29 Aug 2019, we lodged a submission with the Department and the Minister which shows that the way the towing industry law is structured and enforced is overly prescriptive and poorly targeted.

“Strangely, the Act can be interpreted to apply to a wide range of trucks and trailers used to transport equipment and therefore unintentionally captures businesses outside the vehicle recovery sector.

“We have members in the heavy vehicle recovery sector who say the rules are extremely burdensome.  When you add that burden to the operations of members who are not even part of the heavy vehicle recovery sector, the law must be seen as bizarre and inappropriate.

“The legislation was designed to protect consumers who have been in a motor vehicle accident.  That major purpose has been lost in a maze of inappropriate provisions.

“The ridiculous situation is that those who are administering this law are requiring members to be licensed who do not operate businesses that the Act is established to regulate.

“The latest package of changes to the law published by the Department that we have commented on don’t address this fundamental problem.

“What is needed and should be introduced urgently is a change to the definitions in the Act to ensure it only applies to the vehicle recovery sector and to then define a tow truck consistently with the legislation nationally and in other States and Territories.

“The current review of the regulations under the Act is the right time to re-consider this poor legislation fresh, remembering that it underwent scrutiny by the Government’s independent pricing and regulatory tribunal in 2014.

“The NSW government is urged to introduce changes to the towing laws that are informed by its own tribunal’s findings and to act quickly so that the road transport industry is no longer burdened by inappropriate regulation, “ Clark concluded.


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