NHVR Provides Sensible Outcome on Signage

Vehicle Signage

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NatRoad is pleased that the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has changed its regulation on rear marker plate signage requirements for heavy vehicles. Recently, NHVR made the sensible decision to not have a fixed date for compliance with VSB12 the National Code of Practice Rear Marking Plates.

NHVR had previously indicated that all vehicles over 12t GVM and for all trailers over 10t GVM must update their rear marking plates to adhere to the national code by 31 December 2020. NatRoad gave evidence to the NHVR that full compliance by the end of the year with the requirements of VSB12 was going to cost members a great deal of money especially at a time when COVID-19 has a stranglehold on the economy.

The NHVR requirements relate to the need for older rear marking plates to be updated in favour of plates made from Class 400, Class 1A or UNECE Regulation 70 reflective materials.

“The NHVR has responded with a sensible and balanced approach to the update requirements”, according to NatRoad CEO, Warren Clark.

“The NHVR has said it will authorise a move to a ‘grandfathering approach’ that will allow industry to upgrade plates when they are next due for replacement, rather than having a fixed transition date, previously set for 31 December 2020.  This is a win as it will save our industry members a substantial amount of money.  For one of our large members it would have cost them about $100,000 to replace signage at a time when every cent should be allocated to keeping their business afloat. It’s great that the NHVR listened to these concerns.

“In addition, the requirements for the ‘do not overtake turning vehicle’ s for New South Wales aren’t aligned with national requirements. NatRoad was concerned this would add further confusion about what the changes to be introduced by the end of the year meant in practical terms.  We appreciate the NHVR’s commitment to negotiate with Transport for New South Wales so that a set of national specifications for “do not overtake turning vehicle’ signs is clearly defined.

“NatRoad is grateful to the NHVR for proffering these solutions at a time when Australian road transport operators ask all regulators to recognise the need for cost burdens to be kept down and for regulations aimed at productivity enhancement to be given priority.