NSW Dangerous Goods changes make Webinar a must

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If you deal with dangerous goods in New South Wales then you need to watch the latest NatRoad webinar.

NSW Environmental Protection Agency Matt Arkell is the NSW EPA’s Principal Technical Advisor for Dangerous Goods and was our guest for the virtual event. He told Members about recent updates to the NSW dangerous goods transport regulations, the EPA’s dangerous goods regulatory program and further upcoming changes.

You can watch it here.

Matt has held his role at the EPA since 2018, and supports the EPA’s regulation of dangerous goods by providing technical advice to its regulatory and policy officers, the industry, other regulators and the community.

Matt is also the EPA’s representative on the Competent Authorities Panel, and is the current Chair of CAP.

With a background in chemistry, Matt has experience in risk management from a number of perspectives, such as quality, environmental, safety and compliance. His work in research and development, laboratory and transport operations gives a broad perspective on the challenges of operating with hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods.