NTI Encourages Preparations for Severe Weather Season

Truck in rain

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As Summer officially starts, and the country heads into a period of La Niña, Australia’s leading specialist insurer, NTI, is urging all transport and logistics owners and operators to be proactive during the severe weather season by revisiting emergency plans.

Extreme weather can escalate quickly so be sure to have an action plan that you and your staff are familiar with.

Australia is already notorious for unpredictable weather but with the once-in-a-decade weather front, La Niña approaching now is the time to be especially proactive. Have a plan and communicate your plan across your team, so when it comes time for action, it can be implemented without hesitation.

“We see severe weather interrupt business through destruction of transport infrastructure, vehicles, freight and at times, whole business premises. Staying abreast of severe weather warnings, can make all the difference,” said NTI CEO Tony Clark.

In the event of continuing to operate in uncertain weather conditions, NTI recommends:

  • Arranging for regular, up to date emergency reports from a reliable source.
  • Making an alternative drive/travel plan which includes at least one detour to your destination.
  • Accounting for additional travel time if transporting time sensitive goods.
  • Devising an evacuation strategy for your people, equipment and stock.

If you have any questions on the best practice for developing an emergency weather plan for your business our team of advisors is here to help. Contact NatRoad on (02) 6295 3000.