Owner Drivers

NatRoad has a number of  members who are owner drivers and we understand the challenges involved in running a small trucking business.

NatRoad has developed small business tools and resources and collaborates with governments, regulators and industry stakeholders to help ensure that owner drivers can continue to grow their family businesses.

Owner Driving Working Group

NatRoad has established an Owner Driver Working Group to discuss issues affecting owner drivers in the road transport industry and to share information on running a productive, competitive and safe transport business.

The working group consists of experienced and passionate people, many of whom grew up around trucks.

Fiona Coombs who grew up on a diary and crop farm near Finley and started a vehicle trimming and upholstery business. Leaving Finley for Brisbane, Fiona got her licence and started sharing the interstate driving with her husband – together they have carted fuel, grain, worked as full rig subcontractors and B-double operators.

Gordon Mackinlay loves being an owner driver and has been driving for 11 years. He is deeply passionate about improving the industry and was instrumental in establishing the social media following that brought the Convoy to Canberra to life.

Maggie Welsh has been in the industry for around 30 years. Today, with her husband, they supply dairy farms with hay, carry agricultural and general freight running regularly from Northern New South Wales to South Australia.

Pauline and her husband Glen have been owner drivers for about 20 years specialising in the bulk and hay sector. It’s a family business with three sons working alongside their parents. Pauline started in the industry at a young age in her family’s transport components business.

Glyn Castanelli calls transport his third career after time as a brickie and printer, yet his love of trucks extends from childhood. “I love driving, feeling free, looking out through the same paddocks never seems to get boring to me.” Glyn says.

When Wayne Lewis started in the transport industry he was carting hay on table tops loaded via pitchforks; today he has four prime movers and six trailers.

The Owner Driver Working Group meets regularly to progress its action plan. The issues currently under consideration include:

  • operator skills and licensing
  • chain of responsibility requirements
  • the impact of tolling arrangements in urban areas
  • small business tools to support running a trucking business; and
  • improving the availability of rest stops and their facilities.

Please log into the members area to review the latest action plan.

If you would like further information about the Owner Driver Working Group please contact NatRoad on info@natroad.com.au or (02) 6295 3000.