Point of delivery procedure guidelines during COVID-19

Read time: 1 min

Members who have undertaken risk assessments for COVID-19 have told us that the point of delivery is of concern.  These guidelines assist with procedures that could be followed to reduce risk at point of delivery.

  • Please check your contracts to find out what current proof of delivery requirements are; if no written contract discuss with the other party.
  • Negotiate with the customer/contractor so as to reach the position that to minimise contact between drivers, customers, suppliers and office staff proof of delivery dockets will not require a receiver’s signature.
  • In lieu of the second dot point negotiate that drivers and office staff must ask for the receiving person’s full name and capacity (e.g. store manager) and write those details on the documents in your possession or the documents from the sender of goods (customer) themselves.  To avoid doubt where any signature of the receiver would otherwise be required write COVID19 as well as the date and time of delivery on the documents.
  • Avoid further contact with written documents by ensuring drivers are the only persons physically handling any documents before they are passed on to the customer to keep if required and/or for your own records.
  • Wherever possible negotiate that emailed documents with the proof of delivery to any contractor (or other party that requires proof of delivery) is sufficient under the contract.
  • Where you have telematics installed, discuss with the other party to the contract whether confirmation through satellite tracking data is acceptable proof of delivery.
  • Ask your drivers to take a photograph of the goods at the point of delivery and keep the photo showing delivery as proof.