Regulatory Impact Statement for Euro VI Trucks

Truck overhead

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The Australian Government has released a draft regulation impact statement (RIS) on the possible introduction of Euro VI emissions standards for heavy vehicles.

The draft RIS proposes that the Australian Government should mandate Euro VI for heavy vehicles for all newly approved models manufactured from 1 July 2027, and for all new heavy vehicles manufactured from 1 July 2028. Euro VI trucks have increased emissions technology and have been mandated in Europe for some time.

NatRoad has, since 2017, opposed a draft RIS making this technology mandatory, due to the heavier weights and subsequent reduced payload of Euro VI trucks. This may lead to a loss in productivity of $279 million by 2050 for heavy vehicle operators in the form of reduced payload for trucks or seating capacity for buses or coaches. There may also be higher maintenance costs for heavy vehicle operators of around $196 million to ensure heavy vehicles continue to comply with these standards in service. The RIS says that: “Heavy vehicle operators may pass these increased costs on to consumers through higher prices for transporting goods or passengers.”  That is an unrealistic expectation even when businesses haven’t been affected by COVID-19 disruptions.

Consultation is open until 26 February 2021 and NatRoad will be making a submission.  Any members who want to comment should contact NatRoad