Legal, Compliance & Workplace Advice

NatRoad members receive a range of advice on workplace matters free-of-charge, including advice on awards, conditions of employment, recruitment, pay rates, termination, how to comply with legal requirements and implement workplace policies and procedures.

We can also help you address disputed fines or penalty notices. We don’t offer representation in courts, but we can facilitate local representation. 
Where your requirements extend beyond this scope of work, our experienced advisers can also offer assistance on a fee-for-service basis, for issues such as:   

  • Preparing contracts or offers of employment
  • Enterprise agreement planning, negotiation, drafting and lodgement
  • Auditing human resource practices, including compliance with pay and conditions of employment 
  • Developing policies and procedures for your business, including codes of conduct and safety policies
  •  Acting as an advocate in workplace relations matters (such as unfair dismissal claims in the Fair Work Commission), and
  • Preparing letters of demand and other legal correspondence.

The price you pay as a NatRoad member is heavily discounted from commercial rates and hourly rates start at $165 inc GST. To discuss any fee-for-service work and to know more about our rates, please contact us.