Political Influence & Lobbying

NatRoad plays an important role in influencing governments and other parties to address the issues affecting the road freight industry and improve the business environment for members and the industry in general.
By representing its members’ interest, and those of the road freight industry, NatRoad is able to support business viability and safety.
Our efforts include:

  • Working with all levels of government to improve heavy vehicle laws and regulations
  • Lobbying for improvements to vehicle safety on the road plus workplace safety and health
  • Advising the Federal Government on increasing efficiency of business management, improvements to industrial relations legislation and reducing red tape
  • Communicating and educating members about changes to laws and regulations as they occur
  • Campaigning on issues of interest to members

Major Submissions to Government

NatRoad makes submissions to various government bodies where it is in the interests of our members to do so. In 2017-2018 we prepared 37 major submissions to governments and agencies on behalf of members.
Key submissions included:

  • National Freight and Supply Chain Inquiry
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of the Performance Based Standards Scheme
  • Future of the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme
  • National Road Safety Strategy Inquiry
  • Electronic Work Diary Policy Framework
  • 4 yearly review of modern awards - Family and Domestic Violence Leave
  • Reasonable travel allowance expenses, and
  • Impact of technological and other change on the future of work and workers in Australia.

A complete summary of all submissions is available to view under the Advocacy section on the NatRoad website.