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Road Safety Should Be Prioritised

This week is National Road Safety Week, an opportunity for everyone in the road freight industry to focus on how road safety can be improved for all road users.

NatRoad is constantly advocating for improvements in road signage and infrastructure including adequate rest areas and the separation of light and heavy vehicles. These are all measures that can improve road safety, and the recently released federal Budget allocating $110 billion for infrastructure, including designing and improving roads for safety considerations is fully supported.

Road design, well-maintained roads and adequate signage are important to give heavy vehicles the space and notice they need to safely react to road conditions and traffic changes. Unfortunately, many road signs are often not visible due to poor maintenance of vegetation, or signs are placed too close to decision points.

NatRoad is also pushing for the separation of light and heavy vehicles where roads need upgrading, especially at high collision areas. Heavy vehicles are often not the cause of the accident, and through separation of traffic, safety will be improved for all road users.

Another key area of safety that needs improvement is the provision of sufficient rest areas to make it easier for heavy vehicle drivers to maintain fatigue management. The rest area in Tarcutta, NSW, is an example of where there is not enough parking space for heavy vehicle drivers to stop and rest or to swap loads safely, with near misses a regular occurrence.

Research from the U.S has shown that fatigue related crashes dramatically increase when rest stops are more than 32km apart. Providing adequate infrastructure for heavy vehicle drivers’ rest and safety needs is at the core of NatRoad’s work to improve conditions for drivers in the road freight industry.

NatRoad thanks all heavy vehicle drivers that are doing a fantastic job to keep Australia moving, especially during trying times. Drive safely.

The 2026 NSW Road Safety Action Plan will be discussed at our Wollongong Regional Forum where members will be able to raise topics of concern and hear from a speaker from Transport for NSW.

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