South Australian border crossing issue

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NatRoad has been alerted to an issue with drivers attempting to cross the South Australian border with Victoria at the Dukes / Western Highway last night and this morning.

NatRoad has been advised that drivers coming out of Victoria who have not had a COVID-19 test in the preceding 7 days are being refused entry at the South Australian border and being turned back.  Police have stated that there had been cases of drivers with multiple entries into South Australia over the last few weeks who could not provide evidence of a test being undertaken as required or a confirmed appointment to have a test within 24 hours. Hence, drivers have been turned away.  While acknowledging that getting tested is problematic for Victorian drivers, it is a requirement that a test should be obtained while in South Australia before returning across the State border.

NatRoad has been in discussions with SARTA, Federal and South Australian governments impressing upon them the significance of this occurrence and seeking an early resolution to this issue.

NatRoad understands that this matter is currently under discussion with SAPOL.

In essence, for those members who have drivers at, close to, or approaching the South Australian border at Dukes / Western Highway, please advise them to remain calm while the matter is being progressed and to try and cross again on the basis of getting a test within SA.  If there have been multiple prior entries without evidence of a test being undertaken at present SAPOL is saying they won’t be allowed to enter.  The reason is that they have been directed to get a test within the last 24 hours and the police are saying these drivers have breached that direction.

We are asking for the urgent establishment of a testing facility for heavy vehicles at Bordertown.  In the meantime, testing of those drivers who have been previously directed to get tested but haven’t should be undertaken.