Tell us your policy hot spots

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Members have the opportunity to outline their policy concerns and propose actions that NatRoad can take to meet those concerns at the upcoming NatRoad conference.  We need your member input about issues that you’d like addressed.

Please send any proposed motions for the Conference to consider to [email protected] by 7 October 2022. Include your name, the policy issue you’d like addressed and a motion to be put forward.

If you’re not sure how that should look, we’re ready to help at the email address above. Here’s an example:

Name of Proponent:  XXX

Policy issue:  time slots set out in a contract are narrow, 15 minute window.  If missed, the delivery must be made free of charge.  This should be illegal.

Proposed motion: That the National Road Transport Association explore options to address concerns about tight time slot allocation and subsequent rescheduling at the operator’s cost.  In particular, the NHVR should be approached as to when this would be a breach of COR rules and the federal government should be lobbied to make such a provision unfair and unlawful.