Temporary payment assistance for workers affected by Covid lock downs

Wage Calculation

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The Australian Government has announced temporary support for Australians who reside or work in a Commonwealth declared hotspot and who are unable to attend work and earn an income as a result of health restrictions.

Where restrictions last for greater than one week, they will receive up to $500 per week for losing 20 hours or more of work and $325 per week for losing under 20 hours. These payments will be made where the person does not have liquid assets of more than $10,000, or do not already receive income support payments.

The payments are temporary and will be made in respect of the second and any subsequent weeks of restrictions. Individuals who are already receiving income support payments, business support payments, or the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment will not be eligible for this new payment. The support will be available for Australian citizens and permanent residents and eligible working visa holders.

To qualify for the payments, people will need to have exhausted any leave entitlements (other than annual leave) or other special pandemic leave. The payment will complement existing payments including the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.

These payments will provide support to Victorian workers if they need to stay at home during the latest COVID outbreak.

For more information, please visit www.servicesaustralia.gov.au or call 180 22 66.