The Journey To A Diverse Transport Workforce

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As customer expectations and domestic freight demand continue to rise, Australia’s transport industry faces many challenges. With rising pressures on firms and operators, the need for skilled workers is outstripping supply. As a result, businesses are struggling to keep pace and adapt to a changing environment.

However, the key for meeting demand and keeping the country moving lies in cultivating a diverse workforce for all. But of course, a diverse workforce has more importance beyond meeting demand. It provides representation of our Australian community and allows us to listen to points of view we may not otherwise hear from.


Building Awareness & Driving Change

In conjunction with the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), we’ve launched the Driving Change Diversity Program, highlighting a selection of diversity champions from across transport and allowing people from both inside and outside the industry to better understand the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workforce, reshaping outdated views of the sector.

We strongly believe that having access to a wide range of perspectives is incredibly beneficial for businesses to drive decision-making, offering a variety of ideas and solutions to draw from and ultimately leading to more innovation.

According to Megan Duncan, Director of Marketing, Australasia at Teletrac Navman, “These champions are already making a big difference in their workplace and communities, shining a light on the amazing opportunities the industry has to offer. The program is about coming together to share our connections and challenges, start a conversation and learn how we can drive change.”

In addition to the Driving Change Diversity Program, Megan and Sarah James, Marketing Manager, Australia at Teletrac Navman, are both involved in Diversity & Inclusion Employee Resource Groups, spearheaded by Teletrac Navman’s parent company, Vontier, which focuses on creating connection, building community, and advocating for cultural change, both within the organisation and the industries we operate in.

“We believe that ultimately, we’re stronger together,” says Sarah. “Through the vibrant network of employee resource groups (ERGs), we’re able to activate real, meaningful progress and cultivate an inclusive culture for all.”


An Even Playing Field For All

In order for us to enact industry wide change, it’s up to all businesses and fleets across Australia, both big and small, to take the first step towards a more diverse workforce. Even something as simple as a conversation with your staff has the power to create everlasting change.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to educate our team and the broader industry about all the benefits of a diverse workforce, beginning with our Women In Transport campaign. Our Driving Change Diversity Program has also been very well received. “It has been fantastic to see the response to the program since its launch, even beyond the transport industry,” says Megan.

While the transport industry has come a long way in recent years, sadly, there’s still a significant gap when it comes to gender representation across the sector, as a mere 26.4 per cent of transport employees are women. Ensuring the future of our transport industry is vital, and we believe the key to its success, and ultimately the nation’s success, lies in a diverse workforce – whether it’s gender, age, racial or other forms of diversity.

Driving change within an organisation can be as simple as starting a conversation around diversity, but these discussions can’t just be limited to the boardroom.