Update on South Australian border crossing requirements

Truck in traffic

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NatRoad members with drivers crossing the border into South Australia from Victoria, NSW or the ACT are advised they must comply with the South Australian declarations and requirements for ‘Essential Travellers’.

This advice comes after a number of drivers who have been in South Australia previously, were turned away at the border after being unable to produce evidence of being tested for COVID-19.

Drivers must produce evidence of having a COVID-19 test, or a COVID-19 test result, that is not more than seven days old, upon request from an Authorised Officer (e.g. SA Police Officer). It is important to be aware that Police Officers at the border note whether evidence of a test was sighted, or a direction to obtain a test was given. If the driver did not have a test in the past seven days, or a test result the driver is expected to get tested within 24 hours of entering South Australia.

To limit problems and delays with cross border movements, members are asked to ensure drivers comply with each state or territory’s requirements.

NatRoad is aware of the complications testing requirements are causing members and has called on each State/Territory Government to provide properly funded pop-up testing centres for heavy vehicle drivers at border crossing check points, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NatRoad has again called on the Federal and State/Territory Governments to standardise cross border requirements to ease the confusion and the additional administrative burden that has been placed on operators in complying with each state/territory’s requirements.  In addition, NatRoad is advocating that the cost of testing must not be borne by the industry, especially as increased costs have already been incurred in obtaining and supplying personal protective equipment to drivers.

For more information, NatRoad members are invited to call the NatRoad Member Services Team on 1800 272 144 (8.30am – 5pm AEST, Mon-Fri).