Delivery curfews in VIC to remain lifted

Workplace safety during COVID
The Victorian Government has lifted truck curfews across the state until 11.59pm 27 July 2021. 

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To support customer demand for products during Covid, the Victorian Government has lifted truck curfews across the state for delivery of goods to Victorian pharmacies and supermarkets.  This arrangement will be in place until 11.59pm, 27 July 2021.

This extension comes after calls from NatRoad to all state and territory governments to re-examine curfews during the pandemic and assist freight with 24/7 delivery. The NSW and QLD governments were the first to lift curfews to support freight delivery during the pandemic. There is now some form of curfew exemption in all states and territories.

In addition to the benefits of reduced congestion, improved fatigue management and safety, lifting curfews also help ensures stacked shelves during snap lockdowns to prevent panic buying from consumers.

Until 27 July, heavy vehicles in Victoria can pass time-based curfews “no truck” signs when making grocery deliveries to supermarkets or personal hygiene products to retail outlets. Heavy vehicles can also remain in loading zones for the time required to make these deliveries.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will monitor and enforce compliance in curfew areas, while the Victorian Department of Transport will continue to work with local government, communities and industry to ensure truck curfews are not enforced on Victorian roads during the exemption period.

NatRoad welcomes the announcement by the Victorian Government, but asks they go one step further and permanently lift curfews to support freight delivery into the future.