COVID-19 Updates

Victorian Government Clarifies Border Crossing Permit Directions

Worker during COVID

The Victorian Government has clarified border crossing permit requirements after incorrectly instructing freight workers, via text message, to quarantine. The current border crossing permit requirements can be found here – Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions (No.17)

If a freight worker is eligible for a specified worker (low workplace interaction) permit according to clause 11(7), (8), (9) of the Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions (No.17) and can meet all the requirements of this permit type, the worker does not need to self-quarantine while awaiting their COVID-19 test result unless they have symptoms.

Freight workers are strongly encouraged to get COVID tests every 7 days if they are crossing the border (NSW/SA) regularly.

If they have no symptoms they are not required to quarantine while they await their test results.

Any freight driver who fulfils the requirements of the specified worker (low workplace interaction) permit and who has received other advice should ignore that and ensure they follow the advice outlined in this bulletin.

This information applies to all freight workers, including those who have potentially travelled through orange or red zones.

Latest State Border Restrictions

The latest COVID-19 news and updates for the following states include:

South Australia Border Restrictions

  • Is a border pass required? Yes – all travellers coming to South Australia are required to complete a Cross Border Travel Application at least 72 hours prior to arrival.
  • Is a mandatory COVID-19 test required? No. At the moment there is no specific testing requirement. If testing is required, there has been an allowance of 24 hours available to undertake a test.

New South Wales Border Restrictions

  • Is a border pass required? Yes – if you have been in Victoria in the previous 14 days.
  • Is a mandatory COVID-19 test required? No. If drivers wish to voluntarily be tested NSW provide heavy vehicle COVID-19 testing sites.

Queensland Border Restrictions

  • Is a border pass required? Yes – if entering Queensland from any other state
  • Is a mandatory COVID-19 test required? No.

COVID-19 Health and Safety

Freight Workers are reminded to follow relevant health protocols while travelling into any state, including:

  • practice social distancing where possible
  • regularly washing your hands
  • keep a list of close contacts
  • carry and use correct PPE
  • follow your COVIDSafe plan
  • staying home if you feel unwell.

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