Victorian Government re-establishes truck curfews

Truck restocking supermarket

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The Victorian Government has announced that it will be re-establishing truck curfews for the delivery of supermarket and pharmaceutical goods beyond 31 December 2020.

NatRoad’s position is that the efficiencies that have been introduced during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic should be made permanent and the opportunity taken to analyse and re-frame the curfew system so that a more rational and discernible underlying policy basis emerges. Government imposed curfews are an impediment to restocking Australia’s supermarkets. Our members have reported large delays at the Vic/NSW border and many of the trucks would be delivering to distribution centres or supermarkets. To then have to deal with confined hours delivery because of the imposition of curfews is unacceptable. During the pandemic, online shopping grew five to six times the level of annual growth in 2019, increasing the last mile freight task (this increased demand on the industry and accelerating a trend that had been more slowly developing). The pandemic is still with us and reintroducing curfews is premature and unacceptable.

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