Webinar Invite: Risks and implications of underpaying wages and employee entitlements

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NatRoad would like to invite our members to our next webinar hosted on June 17th 2020, covering the Risks and implications of underpaying wages and employee entitlements.

A growing number of high profile large Australian companies have been on the receiving end of adverse media attention alleging the “deliberate” underpayment of employee entitlements. The fallout from these allegations has resulted in significant financial impact not to mention the often unavoidable lasting reputational damage for entities directly or indirectly caught up in such conduct.

Paying employees correctly is a complex legal matter. With serious criminal sanctions and further reforms looming, now is the time to learn how to effectively conduct a wage audit and explore the key steps to reduce risks of underpayment claims and prosecutions.

Join Member Services advisor David Johns as he examines how to identify the correct rates to be paid to transport industry employees and provides a ‘how to’ guide to conduct an effective wage audit.

This session will examine:

  • identifying underpayments and the cause
  • a ‘how to’ guide to conduct an effective wage audit
  • tips to ensure compliance by reviewing operations and implementing changes
  • ways to reduce your exposure to underpayment of wages claims and litigation
  • a brief examination of recent cases involving underpayments.

This webinar is highly recommended for:

  • transport operators, directors and managers
  • HR professionals
  • payroll personnel


Date: JUNE 17 2020
Time: 11:00am 

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